My School Tuckshop is an online ordering system for schools. It aims to make getting online easy, as well as having a strong focus on empowering healthy habits!


Vege Chips are all natural, free from nasty additives, cholesterol free and low in fat. They are a great snack for kids as a healthier alternative that still tastes great!


Healthy Habits Nutrition Education specialise in working with children (both in the classroom and the kitchen!), community nutrition and wellness.


Zip Pops are an awesome alternative to store bought ice blocks. Avoid additives, preservatives and stabilisers, by making your own healthy ice blocks at school.


When you sign up as one of our ‘Parent Champions’ we will provide you with our ‘champions toolkit’, so you can promote Healthy Tuckshop Day to your school and friends. Your toolkit contains resources for social media sharing, ways to address the issue with your school leadership team, as well as lots of tips and ideas on how to build a healthy and sustainable tuckshop. With your help, we can encourage your school to sign the Healthy Tuckshop Pledge on the day!

logo-three-colour-and-titlehd-v3Make your own healthy, pedal powered smoothies with our award winning blender bikes. We have kids and adults sized bikes available and five years of event experience.

As a Kinesiologist, who has studied Brain Gym and LEAP, I use these skills to fine-tune your child’s brain and enable better and more effective learning.

Little Mashies are Australia’s highest quality reusable food pouches. Their curved shape makes them easy to clean, super easy to fill and incredibly strong.

We specialise in Tigernuts, which actually aren’t nuts at all, but small root vegetables. They’re gluten free, nut free, dairy free, allergen free… and YUMMY!

Pure Goodness for Kids is a cookbook created by a qualified chef, featuring healthy recipes for kids, especially those with food allergies and intolerances.

Quirky Cooking aims to open people’s eyes to the possibility that wholesome food can taste great. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.

Zumba Fitness is the perfect combination work out program between Fitness and Dance. It’s a great cardio workout, whilst also being so much fun!

Life’s Pantry is a blog by wife and mother, Leah Laidlaw. Leah’s passion is nourishing herself and her family with healthy, wholesome food and teaching others how to do the same.


CherryActive Tart cherry products are chosen by health-conscious and active consumers. Due to the anthocynanins and the naturally occurring melatonin in this fruit, it’s great for sleep and sports recovery.


With Munchbox your child will love opening their box to discover a beautifully presented meal all laid out for them. Each compartment is specifically designed with child-sized portions in mind and keeps foods fresh and separate through a specially sealed lid.

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Nexba has reinvented traditional soft drinks and launched Australia’s first naturally sugar free Cola, Lemon and Orange Sparkling Infusions.

dani-stevensDani Stevens is one of the world’s most popular fitness and food social influencers.  A stay at home mum of 4, Dani is widely respected by celebrities and fans alike. Her vibrant and vivacious personality shines throughout all her social channels as she shares her passion on healthy living and leading a happy family life.


Sydney Seafood School, located at Sydney Fish Market, offers private cooking classes as an excursion for secondary students. Your students will learn how to select, prepare and cook a variety of fresh Australian seafood as well as gaining teamwork experience to produce a delicious meal which they sit down to enjoy at the end of the class.


By sharing simple strategies, delicious recipes and fun activities, Foost creates a healthier and more relaxed food culture in your home, school, workplace or community.


Written by a Naturopath, Nutrition Specialist and busy Mum, The Lunchbox Revolution is a colourful easy to follow guide for parents and children with tips on how to pack a great tasting and healthy lunchbox.

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Georgia is a Naturopath (20+ yrs exp.) author, mother and passionate health educator. On her website she shares fad-free health advice and intolerance/allergy friendly recipes to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives and create delicious food memories.


Sydney Seafood School, located at Sydney Fish Market, offers private cooking classes as an excursion for secondary students. Your students will learn how to select, prepare and cook a variety of fresh Australian seafood as well as gaining teamwork experience to produce a delicious meal which they sit down to enjoy at the end of the class.


We are a family run business who are passionate about healthy food and living, we love to cook and try new things and want to help our community do the same.  We provide fresh organic produce and household essentials delivered to the door of homes and businesses in Melbourne’s West.


Call it radical, but we believe super healthy food should be affordable to all Australians. At The Wholefood Collective we help you eat well and save big, with premium whole foods bought online and delivered to your door. Join us, you belong here.


The Sydney Markets Limited Fresh for Kids program aims to help school aged children achieve a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and by participating in physical activity.

Canteen life is made easy with Stickybeaks Reusable Lunch Order Bags. The bags are sturdy, have a flat base so they are easy to pack and stack, have 2 clear pockets, 1 for the childs name and class to be clearly displayed and the other to keep the order safely away from food. Folds down into a convenient wallet when not in use.

H2coco offers a range of 100% natural coconut waters, including deliciously refreshing pure coconut water, blends with real fruit juices, and a new Lunchbox Range which is perfect for packed lunches at work and school. Not all coconut waters are created equal. H2coco is your choice for a lifestyle of making every day healthier. 
Real Taste. Real Health. Real People. H2coco #TheRealChoice

H2melon is the world’s first ever 100% natural long-life watermelon water. It’s not from concentrate and made from just one refreshing ingredient: watermelons! H2melon is focused on giving you that refreshing sensation you need, without all the additives that bring you down. A good vibes drink, H2melon is naturally gluten, lactose and dairy free, so it can be enjoyed by anyone with a thirst for deliciousness! Straight from the melon to YO mouth!

With good fibre content, and a great crunch at a great price, Koala Pop Korn offers a better nutritional make up
than many of its potato and corn-based competitors.  Classified as an Everyday product with a Star Rating of 4.

The Tropical Food Tribe inspires children and empowers parents to live a vibrant, happy and healthy life by helping them make more informed decisions about the food they consume. The Sydney based company promotes positive messages surrounding wholefood nutrition through fun, creative and educational entertainment and by providing simple and clean wholefood snacks for the whole family to enjoy.

Aumra Yoga is located in the Mornington Peninsula,  Victoria. Practising yoga can inspire many positive changes in us, it teaches us to let go of things that do not serve us any purpose in life, it changes the way we react to certain situations and it will teach you how to eradicate obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

Funch is a range of premixes for healthy snacks including protein ball, bliss ball, cookie and slice mixes. Each product is quick and easy to make as well as being a cost effective way for canteens to make healthy snacks.

Kuvings makes a range of Healthy Kitchen Appliances (Juicers, Blender, Fermenter, Dehydrator) and is on a mission to help people create healthy kitchen habits through the regular use of their products. Recommended by Choice for 3 years , we are proud of helping people make choices that improve and maintain their health via our machines.

Rumbles and Co.
Rumbles Paleo has re-invented the world of Gluten Free snacking. Cookies, muesli, chocolate and more that not only taste amazing, but are amazing for you! No Nasties. No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fruit. 100% Australian Made.