What’s this all about?

The Tuckshop Revolution is a grassroots movement with a mission to modernise and improve Aussie tuckshops. We strive to make it easy for schools and students to develop healthy habits. That means providing healthy (and yummy!) menu options and easily accessible nutritional information and advice.

Not only that, but just by joining the revolution, you will gain access to some awesome exclusive deals from all of our brand partners! 




A certified nutritionist from Healthy Habits Nutrition Education is available to review your tuckshop menu, provide recommendations,  nutritional breakdowns of your menu items and develop healthy meal suggestions for kids of all ages!



We have an amazing team of brand partners,  ready to help you stock healthy and yummy snack and meal alternatives for kids! Take advantage of exclusive offers from our brand partners. Show your commitment to the revolution by signing our pledge!



My School Tuckshop has a great online ordering system with a range of special features to help empower schools, parents and students to develop healthy habits. Nutritional information and meal plan options can be loaded and accessed at the click of a button!